Are you looking for an end-to-end TV solution for Live streaming and Video on Demand? We can help with the complete process from signal ingestion to a fully customised player.

Bring your video processing workflow under one roof. Manage your live channels, VOD content, transcoding services, player, CDN and usage analytics in the integrated Streamflow portal.

Let us handle your live event streaming

  • Content management
  • Storage
  • Video Encoding
  • 4K
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • User authentication
  • Geo management
  • DVR/Timeshift
  • Customisable player
  • DRM
  • Analytics

Latest technology

4K, HDR, VR and HEVC video processing, CMAF format.

Relevant experience

In-house SW development, video processing, design and delivery.

Fully customisable player

Easy-to-implement HTML5 player supporting use and content analytics, video ads and multi-DRM.

24/7 live support

An experienced team of in-house engineers at the ready during your live streams and events.

Case study

How we empowered a large public TV

12 channels, SDI to HTTP, 600 Gbps

In January 2018, we were approached by a large European public TV. They were looking for a made-to-measure IPTV/OTT platform for their live stream and VOD internet services. The regular bandwidth peaks reaching over 600 Gbps made the request highly challenging and somewhat irresistible.

The solution involved the signal ingestion over SDI as well as the entire procedure of editing and processing both the linear and non-linear content.

We set up a fleet of HW encoders at the client's facility to acquire the content and transfer it over IP to our datacentre for further processing. Additionally, multiple RTMP mount points were distributed and ready to ingest streams from the off-site broadcast teams.

600 TB, fully backed up storage made a home for the existing video archive while also offering sufficient growth space for a new content acquisition. The playback protocols for live and VOD content ranged from multi-profiled HLS and MPEG-DASH for desktop and mobile to MPEG-TS tuned for a wide range of HbbTV devices.

On the SW side, we provided the client with a customised player with Ad management support along with a powerful dashboard with content management features and advanced analytics.

Having empowered the streaming stack with the 14 Tbps+ CDN, made of hundreds of servers using SSD-only cache, the latest Debian, equipped with 40 and 100 Gbps uplinks, the client was able to kick off the new Full HD powered platform two weeks before the first whistle of the football World Cup.

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Video Services Team Leader

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Latest Technology. Top Security. Premium Global CDN.

  • RTMP | RTSP | HTTP Ingest
  • ABR | 4K | 8K
  • H.264 | H.265
  • Timeshift/DVR
  • Catch-up service + Storage
  • Ad Insertion
  • 14 Tbps+ Global CDN
  • HTML5 Player
  • Restream to Social Media
  • CDN Reports & Statistics
  • Real-time viewer statistics
  • User engagement rates
  • Content heatmaps
  • Secure Tokens
  • DRM
  • AES 128 Stream encryption
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Geo-Management
  • IP whitelist/blacklist