Format support

  • HLS

+ other streaming formats e.g. UDP, HTTP

  • HLS(HTTP Live Streaming)
  • MPEG/DASH(Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP)
  • HDS(HTTP Dynamic Streaming)

These protocols follow the principle of segmenting an ingested video file into smaller chunks, using transcoding. This creates the means to easily adjust the resolution and bitrate based on an end user’s bandwidth capacity and device capability.

Any video formats that can be downloaded or streamed over HTTP. The main thing to consider is the environment in which the video will play.

  • MP4(we recommend mp4 for progressive downloads)
  • MPEG-DASH(suitable for HTTP streaming)
  • HLS

Which features Streamflow supports

  • By activating DVR service, we record your live stream broadcast and keep it for a requested period of time so you can make it available to your audience.

    If you need to stream to your viewers in time zones different from the broadcaster or require time-delayed re-broadcast of live event, we can assist you with Timeshift function.

  • Thanks to our cooperation with Bradmax, we do support the IAB standard Video Ad formats, including VAST, VMAP and VPAID. These formats let you control and target your Ads in a modern way, where an Ad server injects targeted Ads directly into the Ad player while tracking user interaction with the Ad itself. We primarily support it with the use of the Bradmax player. For more information on Streamflow Add support, please check our Knowledge Base article.

  • Thanks to our partnership with Bradmax, we offer a custom web-based player, optimised for playback and full compatibility with Streamflow. It is fully customisable, and is easy to integrate in your code through an iFrame or by directly hosting the player files. For more information on how to set up the player, please visit our Knowledge Base article.

  • You can play back the live streams on the vast majority of devices including PC’s & Macs, iPhones and Android phones using our custom web-based player which we offer as part of the Streamflow solution. However, there are no limitations in terms of the integration of the live stream into your own web project or IPTV application.