Control panel & analytics

  • Yes. We give you access to Streamflow Streaming Portal that offers a comprehensive overview of your live stream and VOD resources together with related CDN and playback analytics.

  • Yes. Streamflow provides you with real time usage data during your live stream broadcast. The usage statistics display is bound to usage of Bradmax player that is implemented with the Streamflow platform. Alternatively, you can add Bradmax analytics plugin to your player. Currently we provide analytics plugin for the following players - JW, player, Kaltura Player, Shaka Player and video.js.

  • Your Control Panel provides you with comprehensive CDN analytics, such as an overview of bandwidth and traffic use as well cost per each CDN Resource. Furthermore, you get a clear review of your viewers requests and CDN cache efficiency.

    As to playback, we can provide a vast range of playback analytics such as the number of real time views, users, geolocation, device overview, engagement rate and many others. To get playback analytics, deploy Bradmax player or our Bradmax analytical plugin in the Video Players section of Streamflow Video Portal.