Video delivery is a game we like to play

  • 25 PoPson 4 continents
  • 40 Tbps+Network Capacity
  • 24/7Real-time support
  • 100+Team Members

Meet the CDN77 Streamflow team

Zdenek Cendra

CEO & Founder

Veronika Minovska


Jan Krpes


Tomas Sykora

Solution Architect

Tomas Bacik

Customer Operations Director

Katerina Omelkova

Global Sales & Account Management

Jana Jurik

Partnership Management

Michal Pecanek

Marketing Director

Vojtech Stafa

Head of Technical Support

Eliska Sykorova

Head of Remote PoP Operations

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The Story of Streamflow

Video delivery has been an essential part of CDN77 services since we launched the company in 2012. Over the last few years video streaming has become a massive player on the internet of today. We realise that this trend is only growing. The demand for redundant networks, advance security, modern hardware, and clever and innovative software has skyrocketed.

As our client base grew along with the number of custom implementations, it became apparent that the offering of video services needs to stretch far beyond mere content delivery. Therefore, we decided to introduce Streamflow by CDN77 - the end-to-end live and VOD platform - that brings the entire process of streaming workflow under one roof.

From ingest to playback, Streamflow takes care of your live and on-demand video processing, security, content protection and delivery using the 40 Tbps+ fully redundant global CDN.